Research Fund for Coal and Steel EU, RFSR-CT-2007-00036 „Development of innovative steel-glass-structures in respect to structural and architectural design“ (INNOGLAST) 2008– 2010

Steel-glass constructions are increasing popular in modern architecture and the need for research in this field is significant. Both materials are architecturally synergistic materials in modern building design and are frequently used in facades, roofs, atria, canopies, walkways and other expressive forms of design. Hereby steel is a predictable, well researched material for structural applications, whereas glass is an elastic and brittle material without any capacity for plasticizing, less well researched for structural uses and not amenable to simplified design. The innovative approach here is using adhesive bonding to connect steel and glass elements for new, hybrid structures, which offer main advantages regarding load carrying capacity, stability behaviour, ductility and robustness. Thus the research project “Innovative Steel-glass-structures” (INNOGLAST) aims at the development of new and innovative steel-glass construction in respect to architectural, static-structural and fabrication criteria. For this two different examples are used:
1. Hybrid steel-glass beams
2. Steel-supported glass-systems
The development comprises the technical design of the details and investigations on the global and local static behaviour of such structures identifying the limits of the applications and find solutions for details like load introduction and connection points. For architects and engineers, the research present new steel-glass elements which fulfil architectural and technical needs regarding design, loading capacity, durability and robustness.

Set-up of the steel-glass connection tests (on the left: tension, on the right: shear)
Summarized results of connection tests in tension (left) and in shear (right)
Hybrid beam with U-profile (left) and direct (right) connection
Test set-up of the experiments