134GSTR – Glass structures

Content of lectures:

  • History and composition, glass as a structural material – structural and non-structural properties
  • Laminated glass and interlayers, fire resistant glass, insulated glass units,
  • Current design methods, load cases, European design codes for glass structures, design of compressed glass members
  • Design of bent glass members, hybrid structural elements with glass
  • Curved glass, balustrades, staircases, bolted connection of glass elements
  • Glued connection, glass facades, glass pavilions and bridges
  • Glass in architecture – relevant examples
  • Worked example – Design of glass balustrade – single, double or triple layered glass
  • Worked example – Design of glass column
  • Worked example – Design of glass beam / glass fin
  • Worked example – Design of design of hybrid steel – glass beam
  • Worked example – Design of glass floor